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Welcome To D.S.Kothari Hostel :-

D.S. Kothari Hostel named after late Professor D.S. Kothari, an eminent physicist and a well-known educationist was established in 1997,the Platium Jubille year of the University of Delhi. It has 38 double seated rooms and 19 single seated rooms to accommodate postgraduate students and research scholars,respectively.

The Provost is the Head of the Institution. He is assisted by the Warden,who is in-charge of the day-to-day administration of the Hostel, and the Resident Tutor, who is in-charge of the extra-curricular activities and the general welfare of the residents.

The policies of the Hostel are decided by the Managing Committe under the overall guidelines and policies of the University of Delhi.

From The Provost's Desk :-


I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the D.S.Kothari Hostel. I would like to congratulate the D.S.Kothari Hostel Students Union for developing hostel website; my colleagues, Professor Dr.S.C.Rai and Dr.Ratul Baishya join me congratulating them.

As a matter of fact, I am doubly happy; having resided in D.S.Kothari Hostel, when I was a student of Campus law Centre, and now as the Provost of D.S.Kothari Hostel. Indeed D.S.Kothari Hostel is the only Hostel in Delhi University having a College Status also. D.S.Kothari Hostel has had the rare distinction of producing very distinguished lawyers, Judges, Civil Servants, Scientists and Statesmen. All of them are very significantly contributing toward India's development. I trust and hope that in Future also, the residents and students of D.S.Kothari Hostel will not lag behind.

It has been the endeavour of our administration to better connect with the residents of the Hostel. Consequently, we hold intermittent meetings and interactions with not only the Union, but other residents also. Read More...

Indeed such interactions are essential to know about the problems of the residents, academic and residential as well; even though we believe that in a large university like Delhi, where we have paucity of residential complexes for students, students face many difficulties. Simultaneously, the Union also organizes various academic discussions and lectures by distinguished persons in the Hostel itself; these discussions have immensely proved helpful in overreaching today's knowledge based society. Apart from this our administration strives its best to maintain discipline and harmony in the Hostel; I am glad to say that the residents are forthcoming and immensely cooperative in contributing to the discipline and harmony in the Hostel. I trust and hope, the residents will do so in future too.

D.S.Kothari Hostel website, I am sure, would serve its purposes very well.Indeed it would reach out to a very large number of our Alumni. It will also be useful in educational enterprise; where the residents will post their scientific writings etc for general use. I am sure the Union will prepare an updated list of its Alumni. The administration will provide all the necessary support in this enterprise.

I wish all the best and pleasant stay to all the residents of Jubilee Hall. I wish all best of luck to our Alumni.

Prof. Arun Kumar Panday